Economic History of Modern Europe

Part I: Write a 450 word reflection on the circumstances faced by a person, family or community that is experiencing fundamental economic change during one of the periods we discuss in this course. You will want to provide a brief summary of what their life was like before the change, what kinds of changes are occurring or have occurred and how those changes are impacting their well-being. Some examples include:


  • a day-labourer in agriculture;
  • a land-owner; ß I will choose this as the topic
  • a tenant-farmer;
  • a woman or girl employed in rural industry
  • an aristocrat;
  • a skilled craftsman in a town or city;
  • a Venetian textiles merchant;
  • an African slave;
  • a plantation owner in the West Indies;
  • a child labourer;
  • the parent of a child-labourer;
  • a factory owner;
  • a handloom weaver;
  • etc….


Part II: Write a 1550 word (maximum) argumentative essay that explains the circumstances faced by the person or group you write about in Part I. Your analysis should include a discussion of the broader background and contemporary context of the particular circumstances, as well as a theoretical framework that facilitates understanding of the economic, social and political forces at play.

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