Market Issues

1. What defined market am I trying to reach? What are the market’s key characteristics?

Is the market saturated or wide open? If so, why?

What primary geographic market in your BRICS country do you intend to cover?

Market size and growth rate. You’ve already addressed this issue in Week 4, however you may want to refine your estimates with additional information from the government, trade associations, major competitors, or other business sources. Is there a seasonal element to the industry?

2. What trends are impacting the market (e.g., social, technical or other changes)?.

Note any barriers to entry into the industry. What makes it difficult for new competitors to enter the market? Examples of barriers to entry include high startup costs, patents, language barriers, regulatory protectionism of local industry, and substantial expertise required.

What specific companies are servicing this market? Are they successful? Why? What is their market share?

Are there other companies servicing this market with a similar product? Are they successful? Why? What is their market share?

Are there any specific issues related to supply?

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