Construct a case study/research paper that examines a country other than the U.S. from a macroeconomic standpoint and provide policy suggestions based on specific conditions in that country.

  • Step 1: Choose a country. In addition to picking a country that you find interesting, you will need to pick a country that provides somewhat reliable economic data. Economic data is not available for some developing countries, but you have many options here. You can pick an undeveloped country that lacks traditional statistics, but please talk with me first.
  • Step 2: You will need to complete an analysis of the following categories for your country. BE SURE TO CREATE A SEPARATE SECTION WITH A HEADING FOR EACH CATEGORY BELOW! The following must be included:
    • Introduction to your country and general characteristics of the country‚Äôs economy
    • Gross domestic product (current and the change in recent years)
    • Unemployment & inflation (current and the change in recent years)
    • Recessions and expansions in recent years
    • Fiscal policy in the country
    • Monetary policy in the country
    • Economic Growth
    • International Trade
    • Step 3: Based on the characteristics of your country, provide advice regarding the types of economic policies that you feel the country should employ.

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