Books Title and author: Richard McGregor, The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers. You need to read the whole book.
The term paper needs to have three sections:1. In Section 1, choose three examples from McGregor that illustrate the difference between Friedman’s maximum freedom society and the minimal freedom society in communist China. For each example, explain whether the Chinese Communist Party example is better or worse at creating wealth and why the communist party doesn’t allow greater freedom.
2. In Section 2, explain why you would choose to live in Friedman’s maximum freedom society or the society created by China’s Communist Party. Do this assuming you are each of three individuals:
1) A “princeling” in Communist China who would be just an ordinary person in Friedman’s world.
2) A hardworking dynamic entrepreneur who wished to start his own company and end up fabulously wealthy and successful like Steve Job’s, Bill Gates, Marc Zuckerberg, etc.
3) Just an ordinary Joe with no special skills, talents, or ambition.
3. In section 3, write the conclusion, give an opinion about the society created by China’s rulers.

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