The paper should include the interview questions and answers. You do not have to type word-for-word what the parent said, it is okay to paraphrase the parent’s response, particularly if it was very detailed. Just make sure to cover the main ideas of each answer. In addition to the interview questions and answers, the paper should also include the following parts:
– Introduction: A ½ page-1 page brief description of the parent(s) that you interviewed, such as age, sex, occupation, age of child, sex of the child, and any other information that you feel would be useful in interpreting the interview (e.g., race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, marital status, other children in the home, education level of the parent, etc.). It should also include a 1-2 paragraph introduction of your topic. Make sure not to use real names unless the parent(s) has agreed to this beforehand.
– Body: The body of the paper should be about 3-5 pages, and should include your discussion about the parent(s) answers. The topic that you have chosen should be discussed in the body of the paper and should be the primary focus. Discussion needs to be integrated with material from text and lecture and, if desired, outside scholarly sources. While referencing style is not important for this particular paper, make sure to include a minimum of 3 specific references to the text, lecture, or other scholarly source. For example, based on your readings and class, did you find what you expected from the interview? Were there things that surprised you or that weren’t consistent with the text/lectures? There is a fairly broad range about what is acceptable for the body of the paper, provided that you include at least 3 SPECIFIC references to the text and/or class lectures.
– Conclusion: A ½ page-1 page summation of the key points of what you learned from the interview and the writing of the paper.

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