Education and Effort to the Rescue/ Energy Solutions From the Ocean


1. Education and Effort to the Rescue

Reading Chapter 15 is very sobering. There are so many major environmental issues related to the oceans of the world. The time to act is now. Together we can all make a difference!
Complete the following:
Think of one tangible way in which you can make a change which will help with one of the issues discussed in this module. Be specific and discuss what you will do to improve the situation or think of a creative idea which can make a difference to the health of the world’s ocean.
Your essay should be 300-400 words in APA format

2. Energy Solutions From the Ocean

This module has shown us the many ways we abuse our ocean. Let’s end this course on a positive and hopeful note! With 70% of the earth’s surface covered by water, a great amount of energy can be produced by placing turbines at strategic locations under strong currents. This method of generating electric power is called hydrokinetic power generation. Therefore, much potential energy can be derived from the oceans (or rivers of the world) from waves, tides, currents, and even winds. This clean, renewable energy can offer a potential solution to our dependency upon fossil fuels for energy.
Complete the following:
Research one of these alternative energy projects which are currently being utilized in the world. Discuss the location, benefits, and potential effects of this renewable energy source.

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