Enabling Technology and the role of the Health Informatics


For this case assignment, you will be assuming the role of a lead person on a technology review committee at a multi-facility regional hospital. Your committee has been tasked with evaluating the plausibility and possible selection of new health information systems that will increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery, reduce errors and improve the overall quality of patient care.

Currently, each hospital center maintains paper copies and files of patient records, which are separately managed and stored at each facility. Physicians enter clinical information and orders on paper forms that are included in patient files. Copies of physician orders, lab results, and patient information are distributed in paper form among the various departments.

Your CIO (and your professor) has asked your committee to identify and prioritize three technology systems that would provide the most immediate and significant benefits. Your committee is also tasked with preparing a two to three page executive summary for review by the board of directors that specifically accomplishes the following:

Provide an overview of current and emerging information technology systems and devices that are commonly used by healthcare organizations.
Prioritize and describe three technology systems that would provide the most immediate and substantial benefits to the committee’s organization.
Summarize how the committee’s organization would benefit from each of the technologies, and identify which departments and personnel would be involved.
Identify and explain what, if any, potential risks might be associated with each of these technology systems.
Describe any apparent limitations or constraints that may interfere with successful implementation of each system.
Remember, the board is comprised of busy healthcare and management executives that do not have a great deal of technical knowledge related to information technology systems. Accordingly, keep your summary informative but concise, and also target it at the executive management level.

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