For your final portfolio assignment you are required to write a 3-5 page research paper discussing one of the literary periods that we studied this school year. Considering that you are working on a research paper in your current history class you may decide to use some of your resources for this assignment however you may not turn in the same assignment for both classes.
Step 1: Choose a literary period and an author(s) to discuss in your essay.
You may refer to your notes from last semester and/or my Live lesson for more information on these periods. You can locate the LiveLessons by going to my message board and looking under Live Lesson Recordings.
Choose 1
o Early American Period
o Colonial Period
o Nationalism
o Romantic Period (Gothicism or Transcendentalism)
o Realist Period
o Modernist Period
o Post Modernist Period
Step 2: Locate your sources (Minimum of 2)
Find three legitimate sources for your essay.
You must provide quotes/ textual evidence in your writing
*Please contact me if you have a question regarding one of your sources.
Step 3: Begin writing your essay
Your essay should be separated in 5 different sections. Title each section in your essay. You must include a minimum for 2 resources.
Section 1: Historical Background/ Thesis statement ( 3 paragraphs)
Provide background information on the period that you have chosen to discuss in your essay. Incorporate a thesis statement highlighting the theme of the period.
Section 2: Author Background (1-2 paragraphs)
Chose an author from this period (consider choosing on that we studied this year). Provide the following information in this section.
1. Who is the author? (Provide relevant information)
2. What were some of the author’s on what was going on during this period?
3. What shaped the author’s perspective?
4. Incorporate quotes/ paraphrase information from your sources.
Section 3: Author’s Literature (1-2 paragraphs)
1. What is the author’s writing style?
2. Describe a work of literature from the author that is characteristic of the time period.
3. Provide examples from the text to support your response.
Section 4: Personal Reflection (1 paragraph)
1. Reflect on your thoughts on the author and the literature of the selected period (For this section you may write in first person.
Section 5: MLA work cited page
1. Create a work cited page citing all of the resources that you used for this portfolio (Please see the MLA mini LiveLesson on my message board under portfolio resources for details).

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