Pick two short stories that we have read in class. In a well-organized essay, compare the protagonists using at least one scholarly outside source for the analysis of each character. How do the characters compare in regards to actions, reactions, levels of internalization (like we saw with the character of Hamlet), outside influences and/or other observed traits? You are being asked to
compare, examine, and evaluate, providing analysis that is supported by the plots, settings, and themes of the stories in the context of character development. This is a formal writing so please follow proper guidelines and do not use the first person perspective. You are required to have a clear thesis that addresses both stories but does not just summarize them. All commentary should be backed up by scholarly sources, and NO Wikipedia, SparkNotes, blogs, etc. can be used unless the blog is cleared by me ahead of time. This is a chance to use the resources provided by the library, which is integral to all papers this semester. Everything must be formatted using proper MLA guidelines.
Additionally, you must use one of the themes below in order to structure your argument, or another theme approved ahead of time by me. This will ideally help to keep you on track with your analysis.
-Gender Issues
-Southern Gothic literary traditions
-Mental Health/Human Psyche
-The American Dream

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