English and Literature


For this assignment, you will give feedback to an author, paying special attention to passive constructions, subject-verb agreement, and concision. Use the pages provided in this document to complete each activity, and submit your work via the Moodle Assignments tool.

  1. Freelance writer Michele LeFleur has written a short piece for a Vermont government publication that showcases the arts, sciences, humanities, history, economy, and culture of the state. Potential readers include residents of Vermont and those interested in moving there.

After reading the piece, write a letter of no more than two pages to Ms. LeFleur in which you give her some overall feedback. Be sure to start with some praise (do your best to be specific). Then, be a respectful but critical reader. Query her about specific confusing passages and dubious claims and facts. If you want to suggest a reorganization or substantive improvements, including elimination of confusing sentences or paragraphs, do so in your letter. (Although someone down the line will have final say in the title, you might want to make a suggestion.) End your note with a few gracious words of appreciation and a deadline for the next draft.


  1. Then, copyedit the ten sentences listed on the last pages of this document. Do your best to fix any subject-verb errors or other problems with mechanics and spelling.  Rectify problematic use of the passive voice. If you can condense a sentence without altering meaning, do so.

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