English and Literature

1. It is understood that your paper should be set up in MLA format, like the sample MLA paper illustrated in either your handbook or textbook that we’ve referred to many times. You should write a minimum of 1000 words, use at least three scholarly sources, as previously discussed and posted, and document your use of those sources with both in-text citations and corresponding entries on a Works Cited page.

2. Your paper should contain the following parts:

(1-2) An introduction that sets the stage for your discussion and at the end of which appears your thesis statement. (If you provide a narration to set the stage, you still need a separate introductory paragraph with your thesis statement either at the beginning or the end of it—you decide.)

(3-4) An analysis in which you explain your topic, using the writing strategies of definition (denotative, connotative, historical definition and/or possibly etymology (the study of the origins of a word or term) (Remember: you need to present sentence definitions of key terms, as necessary, throughout your paper.); and example. Give examples of the things you define and describe them using sensory description.

(5) A resolution in which you address public resonance as it relates to your concept, in which you connect to some sort of big picture issue, perhaps a relevant current development or a related controversy. If you describe a controversy, just be sure NOT to take a side; simply explain the different viewpoints.

(6) And lastly, you must craft a conclusion using the strategies we’ve previously explored, i.e. perhaps a framing device, perhaps a look to the future of your topic, perhaps through integration of a moving quotation to set your discussion, perhaps through a provocative rhetorical question. Be creative!

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