Essay #2: Poetry, Comparison/Contrast

Description: In your first assignment, you were asked to deconstruct a single poem of your choosing. For your next essay, you will select a pair of poems that address a common theme. You will analyze the similarities between the two poems, but pay special attention to the properties that distinguish them separately. Any set of poems from Backpack Literature or from our handouts are eligible for your consideration.

Further Requirements:

– In your introductory paragraph, you will introduce the two poems and state the thesis. The thesis will state the similarities between the two poems, and then clarify how they are distinguished.
– Your body paragraphs will either address your points subject by subject, or point by point.
-Only address one major point per paragraph.
-Make sure your transition words and topic sentences are strong. This will help your reader follow along easier. Example: Compared to __________ (give poem title/author/theme), _________ (make a distinguishing point). Similarly, __________. In contrast, ____________. Despite these differences, ________________. Furthermore, ____________. Finally, ________________.

Avoid summary; focus on analysis instead. Remember, you are responsible for convincing your reader of your interpretation. This can only be accomplished by examining each author’s use of figurative language, including metaphor, simile, and imagery. You must support your conclusions, and explain how you arrived at each of them. In addition, you may wish to address tone, form, rhythm, alliteration, assonance, enjambment (line breaks), hyperbole, narrative, personification, point of view, etc.

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