Part 1
The topic must be about Media ethics and the writer must identify a
specific ethical issue which he will investigate. Clearly define this specific ethical issue. and must be {on Australia and also the Sources}
2-Provide a brief background discussion of this ethical issue that explains why it is important and in
need of analysis.
3- Draft a plan of how you propose to analyse this ethical issue. Explain the structure and ethical
theory (one theory only) you will use in Part 2 to analyse this issue.
Part 2 Ethical analysis .

a. Clearly define the ethical issue. (0 marks)
b. Identify and fully reference facts relevant to your analysis of the ethical issue. (2 marks)
c. What assumptions are needed to fill gaps in the available facts? (0.5 marks)
d. Analyse the ethical issue using either act utilitarianism or Kant’s categorical imperative. (2 marks)
e. Provide a brief ethical conclusion. (0.5 marks)

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