Contemporary Moral Problems, James E. White. ISBN: 978-0-8400-3378-9

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2. Aristotle: a hypothetical scenario

Consider the following situation. You have been employed at your current company for nearly twenty years. But the economy has gotten tough, and the business has decided that in order to survive, it will have to make some staffing cuts. On a Thursday afternoon, your boss calls you into her office and informs you that the company has eliminated your position: you’re being let go. You will receive a small severance package, but you will also need to have your office packed up by the end of business tomorrow. No doubt it will not be easy for you to find a new job, given the state of the economy; but it will not be possible for the company to keep you.

From an Aristotelian perspective, how should you handle this situation? How should you react initially to the news, and how should you behave toward your boss? Why should you react in these ways? Moreover, what should you do tomorrow and afterward? And if it’s difficult to find work, as your boss predicted, what should you do?

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