Read Chapter 4 “Ethics of Distribution” (pp. 82 – 108) in Health Care Ethics (5th ed.)

Assigned Case #3 p 105.

Analyze the assigned case study and complete all 3 parts of the “Weekly Assignment TEMPLATE” (attached).

The chapter 4 come from the book: Health Care Ethics (5th ed.) that I am going to send you as an attachment

Several key ethical questions concerning this week’s case study may help you to analized that case study:

1. Do people have a right to health care (specifically emergency care in this case)?
2. The law (EMTALA) prohibits refusal of emergency care, but we know that the law is difficult to enforce (multiple loopholes and lack of oversight). Regardless, does a hospital have an ethical duty which goes above legal requirements to provide emergency healthcare?
3. What are some of the social and economic priorities that will help guide us toward a
practical solution?
4. Is taxation a viable solution to the economic problem?

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