Ethics in business

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose a case study in ethics relating to the workplace. Please use magazine / newspaper articles found on the Internet,  or better yet, Langsdale Libraray (on-line) as your source for a suitable article. Your case study may be related to your own work experience, or the field you plan to enter.   But please be sure to cite the source of your case   If you are unsure if the topic chosen is appropriate please feel free to email for comments.

Important: Do not choose a “no brainer” case study! Find one that presents a serious ethical issue that will challenge you to think carefully about the right thing to decide to do in this case.

Follow the steps below to write your second Case Study.

Identify the ethical issues in case study and explain why you think they are ethical issues and not simply legal or policy issues only.

Identify those persons, who you think are responsible for causing the ethical issues (moral agents) and explain how they brought about the ethical issues.

Next, identify those persons or groups of persons, who you think are seriously affected, for better or worse, (the moral recipients) by the actions of those responsible for bringing about the ethical issue; and explain the consequences of the moral agents’ actions on these persons.

Define Kant’s Duty Ethics and indicate what you think a person representing Kant’s Duty Ethics would recommend as the right thing to do in this case. Be sure to explain in detail why a person representing Duty Ethics would try to solve the moral problem as he/she recommends.

Explain what you think are the strengths and weaknesses of applying Kant’s Duty Ethics to this particular case.  (Note: This means that you do not want to simply copy down the strengths and weaknesses of Duty Ethics, but rather show specifically how they apply to your chosen case.

Explain what you think is the right thing to have done in this case by following step by step the “ABCD’s of Ethical Decision-Making: A Brief Guide” (See Sakai, Weekly Sessions, Week 1 – READINGS: ABCD’s of Ethical Decision-Making; A Brief Guide.)

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