Evaluate your conflict approach

Write paper that addresses the questions below. Paper should be 5-7 pages include a minimum of three skills identified for enhancement with 5 scholarly references. Include headings.

Identify and evaluate your own approach in handling conflict with respect to communication skills, interaction style, and
group interaction skill sets by addressing the questions outlined below. However, avoid simply answering each question
separately. Develop an essay that answers the four questions below.
Do you feel confident when you enter conflict situations, or do you feel that your behavior leaves something to be
Use examples of your behavior to support your claims.

What are your strengths and areas needing to be enhanced in conflict situations?
Use examples of your behavior to support your claims.
What behaviors or skill sets do you wish to enhance? Suggestions are as follows:
a. Gaining a sense of responsibility for one’s own feelings

b. Increasing perspective-taking skills, so that the other person’s perception of the situation can be better understood

c. Learning how to determine whether a conflict should be confronted or avoided
d. Avoiding destructive conflict patterns
e. Recognizing motives in conflict situations
f. Understanding how relationships affect conflict behavior
g. Recognizing the variables that affect conflict (like power and trust) and how to respond to them
h. Analyzing conflicts so that a wider array of choices become available
i. Increasing anger management skills
j. Learning to control verbal aggressiveness
k. Learning how to ask others for change
l. Increasing empathic listening skills
m. Learning to de-escalate destructive conflict
n. Learning how to let go of grudges (forgiveness skills)

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