Evaluation – Is It Good or Bad?

Evaluation: According to our textbook, an evaluation at its most basic is an argument in support of a value judgment. Because evaluations on the surface can seem arbitrary or personal, we often need to defend our assessments. The two basic ways to develop a defense are by setting a standard of judgment (comparing the actual to the ideal) and/or by establishing a causal claim (looking at good and bad consequences). Some evaluations will incorporate a little of both strategies, but all will
define as clearly as possible the criteria used for measurement.
Assignment: We have read articles by Duncan and Koerner on the ethics and politics of gathering, manipulating, revealing, and disseminating genetic information. For your essay, develop an evaluation of your own on this subject. You may choose to focus on any area: genetic screening of adults for life-threatening illnesses; genetic testing of fetuses, either prior to IVF implantation or
while in the womb; screening of children whose parents have developed diseases; the benefit/detriment of implementing an ethics panel in the US, etc. You may choose either kind of evaluation  setting a standard of judgment or looking at good/bad consequences in preparing your argument. You should reference the readings from class in some way, though you will most likely emphasize one far more than the other depending on the topic you choose. While extensive outside research is not necessary for this assignment, you should reference two or three additional sources that helped shape your claim and include these in a Works Cited list at the end of your

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