Examine an artistic project meant to correct the historical absence of women in history.

Once you have viewed The Dinner Party in person, you should write a 2-3 page discussion of the piece in relation to one of the authors discussed in class. You might consider, for instance, how the visual qualities of the decorated plates in this installation piece relate to ideas of the feminine mystique described by Betty Friedan. You could also consider, for instance, whether the presence of women from different geographic areas confirms the idea of a woman’s culture, as alluded to by Simone de Beauvoir. How does the inclusion of figures such as Sojouner Truth relate to the discussions of black feminism by Audre Lorde? In another example, you might consider how the installation as a whole fits in with Laura Mulvey’s descriptions of the male gaze. Given that many of the authors discussed in class were specifically interested in activism and ways of changing society, you might consider whether the installation as a whole achieves the goals of a particular author or not.
Visit the Brooklyn Museum of Art, specifically to view their permanent installation of The Dinner Party ( Consider the installation as a whole, noting the specific strategies used by the artisans who completed the piece, and the reasons why they chose to create this particular kind of installation. Please take notes about the installation during your visit, noting any particular part of the installation you find interesting.

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