Family Studies

Create an original project (e.g., workshop) that addresses sexuality across the family lifespan. This is to be a family-focused project.
a. Part 1: Family Sexuality Topic -Transgender

b. Part 2: Report is to contain the following:
Rationale for the topic of the project. Rationale is to be supported by both theory and at least ten (10) current (within the past five years) scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals. ALL references are to be scholarly; no websites or Wikipedia-type information.
Maximum length of report is five (5) pages.
c. Part 3: Detailed Outline is to contain the following:
Family Sexuality topic
Title of the curriculum
Description of the program (mission, activities, schedule of activities, educators)
Audience (age, developmental stage)
Goals (general statements of what participants will learn)
Objectives (specific statements of the goals for what participants will be able to do to demonstrate they have learned the information/ measurable goals/objectives)

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