Film & Theater studies

From film “The Godfather 1”, chose a sequence. A sequence will be defined in the week 1 lecture and in the document Defining
and Selecting a Sequence.
These assignments ask you to apply the concepts and ideas discussed in the readings, lectures and tutorials to create a detailed close analysis of the form and style a film sequence and how the form and style contribute to the plot type and theme. Assessment of these assignments will evaluate the depth of your reading and understanding of the readings and discussion, and the application of your understanding to a film sequence. This includes your use of the terms, words and concepts used in film production. The assignment should be developed and worked on each week in response to what is presented in weekly readings, lectures and tutorial discussions.

The assignment submission must contain.
1. One paragraph discussion on what makes this a sequence.
2. One paragraph discussion identifying the selected film’s plot type.
3. One Paragraph outlining the film’s themes.
4. A description of each shot noting angle, level, height, distance, shot size, mobility, focal length. This shot
list should number each shot in the sequence for quick referencing in the analysis.
5. Identify which shots in the sequence might have been part of the same location shot.
6. Drawing from readings and class discussions, analyse the overall lighting style and approach, making
specific reference to at least 8 shots.
7. Drawing a lighting plan for each scene in the sequence noting the position of the key light and the
8. Drawing from readings and class discussions, analyse the mise-en-scene making reference to at least 8
different shots.
9. One paragraph on how the cinematography and mise-en-scene in your example, contribute to the film’s
plot type and themes. Include examples.

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