Film & Theater studies

For this paper, the syllabus says to write a newspaper style review, but really I just mean for you to write about the production as a whole: the play, performances, design and staging as a single work of art brought to life by many people (who are all listed in the program). You can give it the voice of a theatre reviewer or not, as you wish.

Think about the themes of the story the playwright was trying to convey, and how was this brought to the stage by the director, designers and actors. Themes of ambiguity, power in relationships, evolution and languages, there are more I’m sure…

Again one actor (Zehra Berkman) plays only the central character Brodie, while the other two actors have multiple roles. The two actors, Nancy Carlin and Rami Margron had wildly different assignments (Carlin plays two women and the Ape, while Margron at one point plays a crowd of children and onlookers). We have no way of knowing if the play is written specifically for three actors, but was this a good choice for the story (either by the playwright or director)?

How did the set design contribute (or not) to how you understood the play? Costumes, lighting and sound design?

Pick out three performance or creative elements that help prove your point.

We’ll talk about Precious Little, do a little wrap up of the course, and fill out course evaluations.

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