Final Work

  1. Define social marketing.  Describe how you would address all 7 phases in order to create a social marketing campaign targeting obesity/diabetes among the Latino community (30 points, 2 page limit).
  2. Identify and define three cognitive referents of acculturation and explain how these cognitive referents play a role in influencing the experience of illness and/or help-seeking behaviors among Latinos dealing with cancer (20 points, 1.5 page limit).
  3. Select and explain one of the theoretical models (i.e., ecodevelopmental, harm reduction, etc.) and describe how you would tailor a prevention program for Latinos at risk for HIV infection utilizing that theoretical perspective (30 points, 2 page limit).
  4. Discuss the environmental, economic, and occupational challenges faced by Latino migrant farm workers and the impact these social determinants of health have on the overall health outcomes of Latino migrant families (20 points, 1.5 page limit).

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