This assignment asks you to compare the financial statements of companies from different countries. You are required to choose two publicly listed companies from two different countries. Find and use the financial statements (including notes to financial statements) from the recent annual reports of the two companies selected to complete this assignment.

You are required to make comparisons in the following areas:
-Differences in the financial statements contained in company’s annual report (including types of statements, format used, terminology, level of details provided in the statements and other differences you have noticed).
-Select five recognition and/or measurement items and determine the rules which are applied by the companies (for example, the accounting methods used for asset valuation, fixed asset depreciation, inventory, goodwill, R&D, etc.).
-Assess similarities and differences on the scope and content of the information provided in the notes to the financial statements, that is, the level of disclosure of information.

-Compare the overall provision and presentation of information of the annual reports (if they have not been covered in the above and additional comparison can be made).
-In addition, your assignment should provide in the introduction some background information about the companies to help readers gain some understanding of the companies and their businesses.


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