Firm Technology Design

Review the list of eight items and questions to ask managers when designing new systems. Refer to a company of your choice, either one you read about or are familiar with in your own work, that is designing a new system. Address the eight questions and their related sub-questions in a four-page, APA-formatted paper. Be sure to specifically tie each answer into the firm you are using as an example.
1. What are the most significant processes in the organization (e.g. order fulfillment, manufacturing etc).
2. To what extent should these process be redesigned?
3. What opportunities do new technologies and IT design variables offer for improving these business processes?
4. Who are major partners, including customers, suppliers, and others (banks accountants, law firms etc.?
a. What are the opportunities for electronic customers/supplier relationships?
b. Where is it feasible to establish electronic customer/supplier relationships?
c. What additional services can these partners provide? What opportunities are there to create virtual components?
5. How should the firm structure its strategic organization- by product, region or a combination of factors?
6. What is the organization’s competitive strategy? How do IT design variables help implement this strategy?
7. Given the major processes in this business, how does the organization assign personnel to be sure these process are accomplished?
a. Can technological leveling minimize the number of layers in the organization?
b. Do production automation and electronic workflow have something to contribute to the business process?
8. What kind of managerial hierarchy is necessary?
a. Can Technological leveling reduce layers and broaden the span of control for managers?
b. Can Technological matrixing be used to form temporary task forces and work groups instead of establishing permanent department and reporting relationships?

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