Answer in one or two short sentences
1- Are there activities studies this semester that could be described as carnivalesque?
2-Why does drink fall under the category foodways?
3- What is the difference between esoteric and exoteric?
4- Give an example of a food or cuisine that has made a mainstream shift from inedible to edible.
5- What does it mean when we say we consider our bodies to be inviolate?
6- What does it mean to make tomatoes?
7- How is food associated with ideas of nationalism?
8- Can pre-packaged or manufactured foods be considered traditional? Why or why not?
9- What is the structure of a rite of passage?
10-What is the difference between something being unpalatable and something being inedible?

11- Answer one of the following in a few healthy paragraphs
1. Using examples, discuss Long’s ideas for how culinary tourism entrepreneurs employ strategies for negotiating exotic cuisines.
2. Why is travel not necessarily required for engaging the (culinary) touristic impulse? Support your answer with examples.
3. Why should we study food and culture? What does the folklorist bring to its study?
4. Using your own experience, reframe a personal culinary tourist experience using the technical vocabulary we have been developing this semester.

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