Government and Politics

Answer questions briefly
Complete question one in your journal now. Create a list of pros and cons Obama might have considered before for running for president. Ultimately why do you think he decided to run? Complete part two of your journal assignment. Based on the way caucuses work what would your campaign strategy to win the Iowa Caucus be? Why would such a win be important to your campaign?Complete part three of your journal assignment. How did Obama do on Super Tuesday? Check out the primary election map and see how many delegates did Barack Obama have after Super Tuesday. How many did his closest contender, Hillary Rodham Clinton, have? How was the 2008 Election different than recent previous elections Complete part four of your journal assignment. Once Obama secured enough delegates to guarantee his nomination, how did his campaign change? What is a battleground state and why did Obama target the states he did? What issues divided Obama from his opponent Senator John McCain? What is Obama’s campaign strategy to win the election? Complete part five of your journal assignment. What makes an effective campaign commercial? How truthful are candidates in recent elections? Which commercial did you view that was most effective? What did it tell you about the candidate and what did it tell you about voters?Complete part six of your journal assignment. How did Barack Obama finance his political campaign? Compare his methods to those of his rival John McCain. What role did PACs and lobbyists play in financing his campaign?

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