Hamlet and In The Blood

the play; Hamlet and In The Blood; please the paper has to answer these questions:

what the main idea/thesis?
o Does the thesis work for the assignment?
o Does it answer the question or paper prompt?
Were the main topics fully developed?
o Did each paragraph contain a topic sentence that tied into the main point?
o Did the subsequent sentences flesh out the main topic and support the thesis?
o Did the author spend too much time summarizing rather than analyzing?
Did the introduction grab the reader’s interest?
Did the conclusion provoke the reader and invite her to think further on the subject?
Did the paper fulfill the promise that the thesis made.
Was the writing clear and to the point?
Did the writer use proper formatting?

Your discussion can cover other topics. However, you want to make sure that you hit these points.

Prompt: Hamlet and In the Blood are wildly different plays in terms of characters, style, and scope. However, they both have tragic endings. Develop a well-conceived essay in which you consider the similarities between the two pieces. What makes these plays tragic? What obstacles do the main characters face? How do they overcome these obstacles? What do both of these plays say about the strength of the parent-child bond? The idea of fate and destiny? The power of words and education? Remember, to use the PIE method in each paragraph. Include concrete, specific examples and quotations in each paragraph. Get creative! This is your chance to really think outside of the box.
Research: You must use two sources to support your claims. This can be a scholarly article.(not web) However, as these are both plays, you can also a theatrical review (you can find them in the Newspaper section of the database or on Google news). You must use the proper citation methods to credit your source. You must also include a Works Cited page at the end of the paper.

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