Health communication and News media

Assignment Instructions:

• Overall, the goal is to find an existing health communication campaign that uses new
media (e.g., an online campaign, a social media campaign, a mobile campaign) and
critically analyze it.

• You should provide the following:

o A link to the campaign or information about the campaign
o A critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign

• The analysis should NOT be grounded in opinion. You should be discussing how
theory and research findings covered throughout the course relate to the campaign.
That is, you should be demonstrating what you learned in class and how what you
learned can help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. The
following are some questions you may want to address (not mandatory, just offered to
get you thinking about possibilities).

o Why will it succeed?
o Why will it fail?
o What can be improved?
o Why will its effectiveness vary depending on the target population?
o What was overlooked?
o What could have been done differently?
o How might the campaign be applied to other issues?

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