History 86 Guns, Germs, And Steel Jared Diamond
1.What is Yali’s question to Jared Diamond?
2.What are other ways to ask Yali’s question?
3. Why would some people object to discussing Yali’s question?
4.What have been some answers to Yali’s question?
5.How does Diamond summarize his book in one sentence?

Chapter 1
1.What is the Great Leap Forward?
2.What happened in Australia/New Guinea and the Americas when people began to live
there? What were the major consequences?
3.Could a time traveler who went back to 11,000 BC have predicted which of the five
continents (Eurasia, Africa, Australia, the Americas) would have come out on top? In
other words, who had the head start?

Chapter 2
1.What is the natural experiment of history and what is its purpose?

Chapter 3
1.Why did Pizarro capture Atahuallpa?
2.How did Atahuallpa come to be at Cajamarca?
3.How did Pizarro come to be at Cajamarca? Why didn’t Atahuallpa instead try to conquer
4.Why did Atahuallpa walk into the trap?

Chapter 4
1. What are the ultimate factors? What are the proximate factors?
2. According to Diamond, how did a change in food production lead to each of the following: (a) more people, (b) shortened birth intervals, (c) Specialists such as kings and bureaucrats, (d) wars of conquests, (e) germs.

Chapter 5
1. Who are history’s haves and have-nots?
2. What is radiocarbon dating and what are some of the problems associated with it?
3. Examine Figure 5.1 and 5.2. Who had the earliest date of food production? Who had the latest?
Why are some sites questioned?
4. What are founder crops and why are they important?

Chapter 6
1.What are some of the misconceptions that Diamond challenges about the origins of food production?
2.What were the five factors that led hunter-gatherers to choose the domestication of plants and animals over hunting and gathering?

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