HR Resourcing – WK 8 Final Project

This week you will be completing work on your Final Project for this module. The purpose of the Final Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems. Students are expected to use diverse sources of information, which must include the University library resources, and to carry out an original analysis rather than summarize or rehash existing work. Students are encouraged to use situations and data from their own experience where possible.

For this project, you will research a well-known multinational company or a multinational organisation that you know well and propose an appropriate reward and pay strategy that you believe would best motivate employees to meet the overall organisational strategy and objectives.

Your task for Week 8 is to complete and hand in your Final Project Report. It should include the following requirements:
1. An assessment of the organisation in terms of its organisational strategy, objectives, mission and values.
2. An analysis of the environment in which the organisation operates with regards to industry, business life cycle, etc.
3. An evaluation of the organisation’s current reward and pay strategies: for meeting its overall organisational strategy and for maintaining competitive advantage in the face of new challenges and changing conditions.
4. A reasoned and evidence-based conclusion about the level of success achieved by the organisation in motivating employees to reach organisational objectives and propose a reward and pay strategy that may better serve this purpose.
Naturally, a reference list of sources will be appended to the final analysis.

Your analysis and discussion should have a theoretical foundation based in library research and should demonstrate an awareness of the effect of cultural values upon successfully managing a diverse workforce.

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