Human Rights and Soft Power in China’s Foreign Policy

An explorations paper examines a topic related to the course that you want to know more about. As you go along you may refocus or narrow the question you are asking, so that it is addressable (if not necessarily fully answerable) with sources you can find, and manageable within the scope of a short paper.
This kind of paper is factual plus analytical;  you want more facts about some situation, and in addition you want to make some kind of sense of these facts. Not necessarily in this order, you should touch on the following points, but you are not limited to these points.
(1)Identify the issue you are writing about, and explain why you think it is important or interesting what motivated you to research this issue and what might motivate a reader to be interested in what you found out? If there is possible ambiguity, be sure that the relevance of your subject for this course is clear what does it have to do with Chinese foreign policy?
(2)Tell us what you’ve found out.
(3)Tell us how we should understand or interpret or evaluate the significance of this information; what does it mean? What are the implications? How does it affect our thinking? However, if you carry this part of the discussion over into policy recommendations, you will be deemed to be writing a policy paper and will be held to the standards of a policy paper; see below.
(4)As appropriate, somewhere along the way assess critically the reliability or otherwise, the biases, shortcomings, advantages, etc., of the information sources you used to research the topic.
(5)Since this is a short paper done within a short period of time, you may not have been able to find out everything you wanted to know. As appropriate, indicate what you were not able to find out that you wish you could have found out; what are the unanswered questions that remain? Why do you think information on these aspects of the topic was hard to find?

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