Identifying potential challenges to successful transition to graduate nursing practice

Develop a reflective and critical analytical paper on the potential personal, professional and systemic challenges, which you may experience, to your successful transition to graduate nursing practice.
You are required to develop an academic paper:
1.Critically evaluating and analysing your personal experiences and understandings gained during your undergraduate nursing candidature
2.Reflecting on these experiences in light of the peer reviewed literature and other credible documents and reports on this topic, including in relation to the expectations of new graduate nurses from nursing peers, senior nurses and other clinicians
3.Considering the implications of this evaluation and analysis for your own transition to graduate practice.
Guidelines for presentation of the written papers
The following general guidelines for the presentation of the written papers must be observed.
i. Presentation:
1.Use Word (.doc or .docx format)
2.A Times New Roman font size 12
3.Double line spacing on an A4 clear paper
4.A left margin of 2.5 cm on each page
5.All pages must be clearly numbered
6.All pages need to include a header or footer with your Student name and ID number
7.As academic and reflective works, your assignments may be written in an appropriate combination
of first and third person.
ii. Structure:
1.Presented professionally in an academic style
2.The paper must be expressed clearly and succinctly with correct grammatical expression and
3.Use a variety of credible sources to support the discussion, analysis and debate (it is expected
that students use database searches to obtain recent, refereed manuscripts)
4.Provide an abstract of 200 words at the beginning of your paper
5.Commence with an introduction
6.The main body of the paper will comprise the required discussion, analysis and reflection
7.Finalise with a conclusion

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