Intelligence Threat Assessment Assignment

You are to assume the role of a CIA intelligence analyst who is putting together the agency’s input (on your specific topic) for the DNI’s Annual Threat Assessment which will be presented to Congress.  Therefore, your goal is to produce an “all-source, fused” intelligence assessment.  I realize that the bulk of your sources will be OSINT, but you are required to use at least one additional intelligence source (i.e. HUMINT, IMINT, SIGINT and/or MASINT information).  For example, is there a subject matter expert on campus whom you can interview, or someone even out of the area whom you can interview via telecon or e-mail?  Are there commercial satellite images available regarding your topic?  Can you find transcripts of telephone calls or other conversations?  When it comes to OSINT sources, I want you to be creative as well.  As such, you are required to use an OSINT source that originates from another country.  For example, are you able to read English language newspapers from that country or watch their news programs (i.e., Al Jezeera)?  Do they have a website?  Are there academic journals from foreign universities with articles on your subject matter?  If so, what are they saying about your topic?  Remember, as an intelligence analyst, you do not want to be guilty of “mirror imaging” so ensure that you take other leader’s, State’s and organization’s motivations and goals into consideration.   You are only limited by your imagination.

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