International Business Assignment

1-      Why have more of the investment outlays made by foreign firms in the United States been spent on acquiring existing companies rather than establishing new ones?  Research FDI into the US since 2000 to identify one company that acquired an existing US firm as well as one company that established greenfield operations.  Compare and contrast their strategies and explain why the two companies chose such different paths.

2-      Watch the IKEA case and respond to the following questions and statements.  Which aspects of IKEA’s business have been standardized?  Be sure to list and explain them in some detail.  Select a country in which IKEA has a presence (outside of Sweden), and explain how three standardized areas of their business are reflected in IKEA’s operations there.  Include visuals from the company’s website and written explanations of how the visuals demonstrate this standardization.

 3-      Explain what Six Sigma is and how such an approach works.  Identify a multinational company that has implemented a Six Sigma program.  Describe their quality process and explain whether or not you feel that the process has benefitted employees, shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders.

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