International Comparative Studies in Educational Finance

Part1: the question: is Chinese Educational system really that efficient

1.         difference between PISA of US and China

2.         difference between Government Investment of US and China

Part 2: the potential overestimate of PISA score

1.         huge gap between shanghai and other area

2.         Huge gap inside shanghai (sample choose, what Levin said in Class)

Part 3: the potential underestimate of Chinese education Input (private tutoring)

Motive of private tutoring:

1)         A competitive environment

2)         Game theory works on Parents

Situation of shanghai private tutoring:

1)         From the survey of students

2)         From the income of teachers

Part 4: Conclusion:

The per score of Chinese education is underestimated

Part 5: Recommendation to make private tutoring above board

Study on a specific aspect of education finance within one country

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