Interpretation of Sources

Explain what is happening in the three sources and identify the basic ideological viewpoint of each one. All of them are talking about the New Deal programs.

First source: the cartoon called “New Deal Remedies”

second source: poem called “Rejected”
“When the organizers needed dough
I closed up the plants for the CIO
I ruined jobs and I ruined health
And I put the screws on the rich men’s
And some who couldn’t stand the gaff
Would call on me and how I’d laugh
When they got too strong on certain things
I’d pack and head for old Warm Springs
I ruined their country, their homes and
I placed the blame on the NINE OLD MEN”

Third source: political commentary

“In its attempt to evade the fundamental contradictions of our economy the New Deal was bound to rely on panaceas. Its whole program is in essence nothing but a well-intentioned synthesis of errors. What it accomplished in one direction it undoes in another. It is like the Russian peasant who cut some cloth from the front of his pants to patch the hole in the rear; and then cut from the leg of his pants to patch the front. After repeating this operation a dozen times he wound up, very much like the New Deal, with his pants all in patches and the migratory hole still there….
The New Deal is trying to right the unbalance of our economic life by strengthening all its contradictions. For Big Ownership it tries to safeguard profits and to keep intact the instruments of its financial domination. For the middle classes it tries to safeguard their small investments, which only serves to reintrench Big Ownership. For labor it tries to raise wages, increase employment, and assure some minimum of economic safety, while at the same time it opposes labor’s real interests through its scarcity program. In trying to move in every direction at once the New Deal betrays the fact that it has no policy.
And it has no policy because as a liberal democracy it must ignore the overwhelming fact of our epoch, the irreconcilable conflict between capital and labor….”

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