IT Management

Read the Centerfold: Dual WANs Keep Traffic in Tune (Date 19/09/2005).

  • Point-form answers with diagrams are the best way to answer these questions.
  • Assume that you are assembling a Powerpoint presentation for the CEO of the Company.
  • Limit each answer to ½ to 1 page please!


1)  This company has implemented a pilot VPN which is being evaluated. What would be the critical success factors that would need to be achieved in order to get management approval to deploy a production version of this technology?

2)  What benefits does the VPN offer over the Frame Relay?

3)   Since the Frame Relay is considered an “old technology” (to be replaced within 3 years) what candidate technologies should be evaluated to meet projected growth of 40% over 5 years?

4)  Wireless technologies are employed in the retail stores. What are the potential security risks?

5)   If you have identified security risks in #4 above what solutions exist to provide solutions?

6)   Review the network topology carefully.  Identify any/all single points of failure.

7)   If there are any single points of failure then what could be deployed to solve the single points of failure.

8)   Based on the size of the company, network, and 40% projected growth over the next 5 years, what Routing protocol(s) would be most suited to deploy. Justify your answer.

9)  Currently all the POS servers reside in one location.  Your IT auditor has indicated that the site needs an effective disaster recovery plan.  How would insure business continuity even in the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a fire flood or earthquake?

10)  If the company decides to add VoIP to its network what you need to do to accommodate this application?

11)   The new management would prefer a single vendor solution in order to consolidate the maintenance, service and upgrades. For each network device propose a current Cisco product that performs the equivalent or enhanced function.

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