IT, Web

Question 1

A)     What are the component of the Data Base Management Systems DBMS ?[ 10 marks ]

B)     What are the network topologies (explain each)? [15 marks]

 Question 2

A)     Compare between Sales and Marketing System and Human and Resources System in Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)? [10 makes ]

B)     What are the types of e-commerce (explain each)? [ 15 marks]

Question 3

A)     Compare between medium communication channels in term of speed and cost? [10 marks ]

B)     Explain each of the application controls? [15 marks]

Question 4

A)     What are the Ethical Principles?  [15 marks ]


B)     List the major business functions? [10 marks ]


Question 5

A)     What are the tools of GROUP DECISION-SUPPORT SYSTEM (GDSS)? [ 10 marks ]

A)     How Information systems affect organizations? [15 marks ]

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