Journal 2

YOU MUST read carefully then write a journal
addressing the following below.
1.List 10-15 public problems in society discussed by the texts( Heineman, et al. and Pal ) . You need to have items from both readings for the week. The facts do not have to be listed in sentence format and better done with as few words as possible. You must include the authors last name and the page number from where you selected the problem.
2. Describe in detail two of the problems that you listed in number 1. Explain why you selected these two from your list as the most important. Be descriptive in this section as you will be discussing the facts in more detail in the next section. 3. Discuss at least two causes for each problem. How did these problems develop? Why are they problems for society?
3.What are two courses of action that can be taken by government, business, and citizens to address these problems?

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