Journal 5

Having read Chapters 13-15 in Gaustad and Schmidt: The religious HIstory of America

Chapter 13: Describe the religious “growth” AND the religious “schism” that took place during this time period.

Chapter 14: Explain what was at stake for Americans in the crisis over “faith and reason” and the creation of Christian fundamentalism. Include a description of how Christian fundamentalism was at odds with (and a response to) the Social Gospel, which was also a religious movement.

Chapter 15: Explain the impact of Vatican II on Roman Catholicism in the U.S.

Morone:Hellfire Nation

Having read Chapters 10-12 of Morone . . .

Chapter 10: Explain what the Temperance Movement had to do with nativism, race, and gender.

Chapter 11: Explain what Prohibition and the general concern with crime had to do with religion.

Chapter 12: Explain what poverty had to do with religion and morality and how religious concerns about “decency” operated in American society. Also, describe the effects World War II had on Americans and how those effects were related to religion.

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