Journal about your thoughts, feeling and experiences of mindbody wellness techniques

• The minimum word limit is 2500 words for the whole journal. You are welcome to exceed this. The report overview of your journal should be no more than 500 words in length.
• An example of a journal report overview is provided in the Assessment section in the Journal folder and in the journal article ‘Meditating Teachers’, which can be found in the same location.
• For your overview you basically read through your entries and then look for themes and insights to emerge and summarise these.
• This journal is to be completed over three weeks and you will need to make at least three entries per week (Week 3 – Week 7).
• This journal generally represents a forum for you to express your thoughts, feeling and experiences of MindBody Wellness techniques.
• No references required.
• Comment on at least 2 different modalities. This may include autogenic training from the readings; intuitive healing from the Course Content section; meditation and guided imagery sessions from the podcasts or your own personal choice of practices.
• After you practice a technique write down how you feel and any affects you experience.
Some questions you may like to ask yourself are:
What did you feel during and after the practice? This may be on a physical, mental, emotional, cognitive or spiritual level.
Did you notice any benefits from the practice?
Did any positive or negative emotions arise?
Did you like the practice?
Did you experience any challenges and if so how did you overcome these?
What would you need to do to become more adept at these modalities?
Did you have to allocate time to practice MindBody wellness interventions?

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