Journal Article Reflection

Choose 5 peer-reviewed journal articles of your choice on the topic of ASD and parents. Parents and families of children or adult children with ASD must be addressed in the article. Articles that do not directly parents will not be accepted. (Ex: article that addresses ASD  behavioral interventions in the classroom would not meet the criteria for this assignment. If the article address behavioral intervention in the home and school it would meet the criteria.) Please do not pay for articles online, use the NU Library-

Items to be addressed for each of the 5 articles:
Please provided the journal name, volume, date and critical information so that the instructor can access and review the article. Label the follow items in your paper 1-3
(1) Summary-Very briefly summarized each article,
(2) Relationship to Standards: discuss each article in relationship to each CEC Standard (1, 9, 10) for this course (CEC Standards are in Doc Sharing)
(3) Reflection: explain how this research will impact your work with parents.

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