Keeping an Eye Out: Child Advocacy

1) Choose a child advocacy issue that is important to you as an education professional. Use the GCU eLibrary to select a minimum of 5 scholarly articles that deal with your chosen topic. Search the Web for 3 additional sources.
2) Write an essay of 1000 words that summarizes the issue, explains why it is important, and defines its risk factors for children and families. The essay should also identify community and cultural resources that address the issue. Take a personal stance regarding the issue and support your opinion with research.
3) Choosing either the PK or K-3 learning environment as a backdrop, design four (4) events that might strengthen the family concerning the issue. One event should include a technology component. One event can be faith-based. Consider cultural, family, and community factors. Describe each event in 250 words. Include these as part of your essay.

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