This week focuses on the key issues where corporations can improve governance by encouraging a healthier culture in the boardroom. The objective is to assist the competitive position of the company in markets at home and abroad through strong governance practices. Good governance contributes to good performance. The key issues that go beyond compliance and are fundamental to building healthy governance, corporate and compliance culture.


Governance and Compliance Culture Intro

1) What does it really mean to have corporate governance and compliance?

2) Define corporate governance.

3) Who are the players involved in corporate governance.

4) What are the two levels of the compliance to the financial world?


1) How does the World Bank define Corporate governance?

2) How does the UK Combined Code define Corporate governance?

3) How does the Netherlands Peters Report define Corporate governance?

4) How does the OECD define Corporate governance?

5) Who are stakeholders to the corporation?

6) What are the levels of the company and their responsibilities?

Compliance Culture

1) How is compliance important to the sustainability of a corporation?

2) What is required to have effective compliance?

3) What is meant by ‘compliance culture’?

4) Who should oversee audits?

5) What are KPI’s?

6) What is the board responsible for?

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