Leadership Self Insight

  1. Would you consider yourself a ‘team player’? Why or why not?
  2. Given the example of ‘team’ we get from this team of referees, what are two insights or examples you see in that team that you can use to become a more effective follower?
  3. Hochuli seems to balance well the ‘task-specialist’ behaviors or the ‘social-emotional’ behaviors. When you are working as part of a team, do you personally take on one role or the other (Exhibit 10.5 can give some insight)? Discuss where and why you believe you tend to exhibit these behaviors?
  4. Looking at the concept of feedback, what are two lessons you personally can learn from Hochuli’s use of feedback? Explain.
  5. What two lessons can you learn about leadership from this NFL Referee? Explain.
  6. The text tells us that the team leader’s personal role involves four things (p. 309 – 310):
    • Recognize the importance of shared purposes and values
    • Build consensus
    • Admit your mistakes
    • Provide support and coaching to team members.
      • Given these criteria, and the fact that leadership is an influence process, discuss two ways that you may use these four points to lead (formally or informally) and increase the effectiveness of your project team this semester?

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