Letter to the member of the House of Representatives

Draft a letter to the member of the House of Representatives – Bob Goodlatte

You can find a description of what to include in a letter to a representative, and how to format it. .

Your letter should be 1-2 pages in length. It should make a policy recommendation about the current economic and/or budget crises.
Formulate a clear policy recommendation and explain why you think it is the correct policy. You may want to consider which policy recommendation your representative is most likely to be receptive to the representative’s party will give you a cue.

You can make any policy recommendation that you think is good and can be justified.

– Do you make a clear policy recommendation?
– Do you clearly justify the policy recommendation?
– Is your justification based on available facts, and is it logically consistent?
– Does your argument take the partisanship (and possibly other characteristics) of your representative into account?
– Is your letter written clearly and correctly (in terms of spelling, grammar, language mechanics)?
– Is your letter correctly formatted?
– Is your letter brief? Is it easy and quick to read?

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