Instruction: After reading the poem above, answer all these questions below in short answers to help you write your essay. Then write an essay (5 paragraphs) where each paragraphs include each of these questions below.

1st paragraph: What do we know about White’s personal history and what he has done?

2nd paragraph: He repeats certain phrases and ideas several times–what are they? List them here.

3rd paragraph: Do you think that this poem provides space for White’s humanity? Should we separate Herbert White the poem from Herbert White the man?

4th paragraph: Who do you think Herbert White is speaking to?

5th paragraph: This poem is written in free verse and the formatting (typography) of the poem’s lines are intentionally arranged. What are some moments of unusual visual arrangement of lines in the poem? What do you make of the frequent em dashes (–) and ellipses (…) in the poem’s punctuation?

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