Major recent knowledge advances in Computer Science and related areas that affect use of wireless

The task is to gain more understanding on concepts beneath the wireless access. You are to prepare a 3-5 page paper on the following topic:

“Major recent knowledge advances in Computer Science and related areas that affect use of wireless”


The main purpose of this assignment is for you to summarize your research findings to address the above question. It is hard to cover all areas, as long as you cover the advances that you consider are the most important and relevant, if would be sufficient. Therefore, there could be lots of possibilities. Just do your research, decide which are the most important according to your criteria, and write your report accordingly.

Your paper should follow this general outline:

summary description of the major knowledge advances in Computer Science involved in wireless information systems, and your reasons for considering them to be most important.

effects of these knowledge advances on our ability to use wireless, and why

major Computer Science issues that are currently unresolved and under study (for instance, hardware/software interface, etc.)

circumstances affecting our ability to conduct further research in wireless computing regarding Computer Science issues

Don’t forget your cover sheet and appropriate references to any materials that you consult in preparing your paper.

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