1. Describe a decision that was recently made. Do not disclose company names or any distinguishing features. Summarize what went right and what went wrong with this decision. What would you, the manager do to improve the decision process in your company?
2. Review the six leadership styles. What type of leader do you aspire to become? Explain why you believe your choice of leadership style would be helpful in creating an effective organization.
3. Discuss the importance of Emotional Intelligence in organizational leadership and decision making.
4. Imagine that you are the leader in a company where you are trying to build a culture of collaboration and teamwork. How would you empower team members to work together as a cohesive team? How would you handle conflict when it arises?
5. Summarize the reasons that employees resist change. How would you as a leader prevent or deal with this employee resistance
6. Describe the image of a fictional company. Create a plan that describes how you would build and maintain that image.
7. Write a mission statement for your fictional company. As the CEO, what steps would you take to transform that mission into the company vision?

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